Basic Function of Position: Assists in the receipt, storage, issuance, delivery, loading and unloading of expendable supplies and non-expendable property (NXP) such as furniture, equipment, etc. at the Warehouse, residencies, and offices. Primary activities is the maintenance and tracking of NXP credit and debit vouchers, expendable supplies and non-expendables property. Operates forklifts, Warehouse Trucks and act as back-up for Supply Clerk when required. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Load and unload furniture, appliances, equipment and supplies, delivering them to and from warehouse, residences and offices.  Ensures that all household furnishings and fixtures are in good working order and install furniture and equipment at locations requested, performing furniture assembly, including the installation of washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers and air conditioners and the testing of the above. Also maintain all aspects of Welcome Kits for arriving and departing American personnel. Manage replacement cycles of all welcome kits.  Clean and wash all soiled items returned in the Mission welcome Kits and party supplies before reissue. Clean furniture upholstery: clean all appliances that are returned to be reused or replaced into stock. Test appliances, which have been returned inoperable and recommend repair options. – 40% 

Qualifications and Evaluations

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of two (2) years of work experience in general warehouse/supermarket/store or factory operations is required. Candidate must attach copies of relevant service/work experience certificates. 


1) Level I (Rudimentary Knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing English is required.  (This may be tested).

2) Level II (Limited Knowledge) Speaking/Reading/Writing Sinhala and/or Tamil is required.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: Good understanding of proper handling/transporting of heavy loads (Furniture and appliances) Good working knowledge of placing furniture and appliances in residences and basic assembling knowledge of furniture and appliances. 

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Must be able to lift 70 Pounds (This may be tested). Knowledge of proper lifting of heavy object and perform arduous physical work, inside the building and outside in all weather conditions. Must hold a valid license (Heavy Vehicle) to drive warehouse trucks/ forklifts and must have the ability to drive both fuel and battery-operated forklifts (This may be tested). Candidate must attach a copy of the relevant driving license.Education Requirements:

Completion of Primary Schooling (Attempted G.C.E. O/L- candidate must have sat for all or at least 50% of the required subjects) required. Candidate must attach copies of relevant educational certificates.Evaluations:

Language: Level I (Rudimentary Knowledge) English Language Proficiency will be tested.

Skills and Abilities: Safe driving skills will be tested.

US Embassy | Closing Date: 03/23/2022

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