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Executive – Consumption 

Over the last three and a half decades – MAS Intimates has differentiated itself in the global fashion industry through its innovation mindset, strong technical competency, and sustainability initiative.

Embark on a journey of change with MAS, by joining the MAS Intimates, Ratmalana team as Executive – Consumption to ensuring that the consumption function in the respective account/s aligned to the business requirements, submitting costed RM Consumption in a competitive, timely and accurate manner to meet customers target price points, whilst generating RM Consumption savings via method & process improvements to retain earnings and ensuring manufacturing feasibility of methods and processes, submission of RM Consumption for Ordering and manufacturing in a timely and accurate manner.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attending to initial tech pack meeting on receipt of enquiries from customers and / or information received through development engagements and ensuring activities mentioned below are carried out, providing relevant information to the development merchants to calculate the Product FOB prices.
  1. Ensure most effective & production feasible RM consumption are proposed (All RM – Fabric, Elastic, Lace, Trims)
  2. Preparation of accurate RM Consumption on time considering customer design language, cutting machinery, chassis, product capability and other limitations
  3. Making Markers using Gerber Accumark for costing and Shape shifter for bulk consumption optimization.
  4. Utilize systems (PLM) and adherence to established SOPs and Processes
  5. Following given guidelines to justify costs and retain profitability in FBC (Fact Based Costing) initiatives and document preparation for the same.
  • Offering competitive costed RM consumption to satisfy customer in terms of RM value. Applying methods & process innovation to reduce costs & improve productivity to retain higher earnings / profits & continuous improvement. Prepare ROI and Payback data to justify the same with the support of the supervisors as an when needed.
  • Provide optimized and accurate RM Consumption values at integration (FI) stage according to integration constructions. Attend and resolve plant concerns at integration whilst proving / justifying the given methods and process. Ensure all concerns are addressed prior to TP & PP for streamlined production start. with the intervention of supervisor whenever require
  • Provide final RM Consumption values as per final sewing construction for requested styles accurately and in a timely manner in the Tech Pack issued to the plants with the intervention of supervisor whenever required.
  • Provide cutting specifications for one or more customer category and provide feedback/ improvements related to cutting SOPs to ensure seamless bulk production of styles in demand with the intervention of supervisor whenever required
  • Coordinate with manufacturing facilities to obtain RM Consumption feedback to verify the Tech Pack Consumption vs Actual Production Consumption in 1st Bulk to minimize short shipments and write-offs due to consumption. 
  • Attend and resolve relevant concerns arising during production start or on-going production of a style, working with relevant stakeholders and problem solving at the factory floor as required with support from the supervisor as an when needed.
  • Carrying out method standardization, standard RM utilization etc. across divisions to ensure agreed standards are maintained for each style and each customer

Qualifications, Experience, Skill and Competencies:

  • Minimum Diploma / Degree level holder (Academic Qualifications)
  • Minimum 2 years of CAD Room & Cutting experience within the Garment Industry
  • Additional GSD, sewing operation knowledge will be a value-added opportunity. Analytical skills required. 

Closing Date: 2023/11/18

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