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  • Responsible for defining scope, timelines on assigned data science projects, working with cross functional teams to develop & trial use cases and implementing data preparation, cleansing, exploratory analysis, feature engineering at scale
  • Developing statistical & machine learning models using available software stack and finalizing appropriate model for deployment
  • Evaluating business process integration options, offer design, prescriptive analysis for successful business deployment while maintaining documentation of methodology, source codes, version control & other best practices in development operations
  • Adhering to agile development and communicating with business/support units to identify opportunities for leveraging organizations data to drive business while Carry implementing data analytics, visualization, concept development to present findings & actionable intelligence to stakeholders & senior management
  • Developing of statistical, machine learning & AI models as POC & production ready using open source (R/Python) technologies and designing data integration from both internal, external sources on top of big data / data warehouse environment while working in cross functional teams
  • Deploying automate viable use case on production environment in collaboration with IT/Business teams and designing experiments as required while defining performance tracking metrices
  • Developing and implementing required data marts, structures for continuous performance evaluations of deployed models and troubleshoot, optimize execution performance of deployed models
  • Responsible for researching on industry best practices work with internal / external parties and communicating with experts for continuous improvement of methodologies and monitoring outcome, optimizing of models / business process with stakeholders while maintaining documentation & version control
  • Responsible for grooming junior data analysts/ scientists and providing job training sessions to junior data analysts/ scientists, sharing knowledge
  • Managing assigned business/support unit(s) to identify opportunities for leveraging organizations data to drive business and collecting data from both   internal & external sources
  • Preparing data for analytical tasks and implementing exploratory data analysis, visualization, hypothesis testing to present findings & actionable intelligence to stakeholders & senior management through data visualization tools

Entry Requirements

  • Possess a degree in B. Sc in IT/ Computer Science/ AI/ Data science/ statistics, software engineering, economics and business
  • Minimum 1-3 years of experience in similar capacity
  • Ability to program in Python and SQL,
  • Excellent knowledge in Statistics (descriptive and inferential), mathematics (calculus/ linear algebra), machine learning techniques and algorithms
  • experience in data engineering in different environments such as data warehouse/big data/cloud storage
  • Continuous learner who is actively seeking knowledge and experience

No. of Vacancies: 03
Dialog Axiata PLC | Closing Date: 02/28/2022

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